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Parts and Service Department

We at Brownies Marine are passionate about making sure our customers have the service and parts they need when they need them. With our New 8,000 square foot service center that puts us at 14,000 square foot dedicated to our parts and service department. We are an exclusive Mercury & Mercrusier Dealership and Service Center, we do not service any other motor brand besides Mercury & Mercruiser.


CURRENT SERVICE TIME FRAME – Due to the amount of winterizes we have at this point we are only taking in customers that have purchased their boat from us. We apologize for the inconvenience

Parts Department

We have a fully stocked Parts Department. If we do not have it instock, Usually we can get it within a day or two.

  • Humminbird, Lowrance, and Garmin Electronics
  • MinnKota, Lowrance, Garmin, and Motorguide Trolling motors
  • Electrical Part
  • Mercury/Mercruiser Oils, Lubes, & Filters
  • Seirra Oils, Lubes, and Filters
  • Mercury Props
  • Mercury Parts
  • Interstate Batteries
  • Trailer Parts
  • Cleaners ( Marine Wax, Acid Wash, Upholstery Cleaner and conditioner, and More)
  • WaterSports Equipment
  • Safety Equipment


Service Department

We strieve to make sure all of our Customers stay on the water. We have factory trained Technician to help us try and keep our promise to our customers when they purchase their new boat. With that being said we also do alot more services than keeping everyone out of the water.
For your service needs please call Scott at 317-835-2291
  • LABOR Rate – $120 an Hour ( Minium 1 Hour)
  • Brownies Marine will not work on any boat or engine past the year of 2000 – We are sorry for the inconveince 
  • Due to Part availability, Diagnostics, and tooling that we do not have for the other brands, Brownies Marine will not service any engine brand besides Mercury and Mercruiser



  • Outboard Winterization: Add Fuel Stabilizer to fuel tank, Grease all fittings, change lower unit lube, Run engine to temperature, fog engine w/ fogging oil, drain bilge & attach drain plug to steering wheel, leave motor in trailerable position, lube prop shaft, antifreeze prop housing, install bag on lower unit – We only use high performance gear lube – Fourstrokes get oil and filter change with winterization
    • Carb 2stroke = $160 + Parts + tax
    • EFI Motors w/fuel filter = $235 + parts + tax
    • 4stroke up to 30 hp = $215 + tax
    • 4stroke 40 HP to 60 HP = $280 + tax
    • 4stroke 75HP to 150HP = $310 + tax
    • 4stroke 175HP to 300HP = $405 + tax
    • Optimax w/ Filter = $235 + tax


  • Inboard/Outboard Winterization
    • Basic Winterization: Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank, Grease all fittings, Open casting holes on outdrive, Run Motor to temperature, check closed cooling system if equipped, fog motor w/fogging oil, Drain Motor block and exhaust manifolds w/ non toxic antifreeze, check all fluids, drain bilge of boat, attach drain plug to steering wheel, Pour antifreeze down prop housing, bag lower unit
      • 4 clyinder to 8 cylinder, EFI = $436.95 + tax
    • Basic Winterization w/ Oil, Filter, and Lower Unit Change
      • $549 + tax
    • Complete Winterization: Includes all of Basic Winterization + Change Outdrive Gear lube w/ High Performance lube, Remove Prop and lube prop shaft, change engine oil and filter, replace water seperator filter, Remove outdrive and check engine alignment and lube as needed
      • 4 clyinder to 8 cylinder, EFI = $687 + tax
  • Water System Winterization
    • Fresh Water = $120 + tax
    • Fresh Water w/ water heater = $220 + Tax
    • Fresh Water w/ AC = $220 + Tax


  • Winter Storage outside
    • ON Trailer = $399
    • OFF Trailer = $499
    • Boats over 25ft and off trailer special quote
    • Extra Mildew protection = $15 each
    • White Storage Cover fitted = $150
  • Winter Storage Indoor – Fishing and runabouts
    • $28 per trailer ft
    • Extra Mildew protection = $15 each
  • Winter Storage Indoor – Pontoon on Trailer
    • 18 to 20 ft = $650
    • 21 to 25 ft = $700
    • 26 to 28 ft = $750
    • Pontoons over 29 ft = $800
    • Boats not on trailer add $150
    • Extra mildew protection = $15
  • Storage must be paid in full before moving boat to storage building


  • Boat Bottom Cleaning – Unfortunately due to being under staffed in the Detailing department we will not be able to do boat bottom cleaning this year or Detailing to service boats. Sorry for the inconvience 





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